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Buy Indian Pearl jewellery for women online from Chandrani Pearls

Welcome to Chandrani Pearls, a destination that celebrates the vibrant beauty of Indian Pearl Jewellery. We aim to craft pearl jewellery that is not only beautiful but also timeless and attractive. Our artists work tirelessly to craft these polished and glittering pieces just to make ‘her’ look perfect and priceless.
Chandrani pearls promise a variety of women's jewellery, including necklaces, pendant sets, bangles, bracelets, rings and earrings. We assure you that there is something beautiful for everyone.

Traditional Pearl Choker Necklace, a timeless tradition

It is said that the exuberant art of choker necklaces goes back to 2500 BCE. Chandrani Pearls recognises this art and brings forth an exclusive variety of pearl choker necklaces composed of real freshwater pearls and noteworthy designs, which are made specifically to please the hearts of our valuable customers.

Gold Pendant Jewellery Sets For Women

The statement - ‘Simply the best’ stands true when it comes to pendants. Here at Chandrani Pearls, our artisans come together to craft an enigmatic line of gold pendant jewellery that will surely become your favourite at first glance.
Our god pendants will glitter profoundly with any casual wear and gift you the attention you deserve. Shop now to find your own special pendant necklace from us today.

Gorgeous Sterling Silver Pearl Rigs For Women

Rings are forever known as the symbol of love, unity and beauty. Our unique selection of pearl rings is handcrafted to excellence to become your cherished symbol for years to come.
Made from the highest quality sterling silver and real freshwater pearls, our rings will be the perfect adornment for your fingers.

Beautiful Real Pearl Earrings Online

Be it a traditional event, a wedding occasion or simply casual everyday wear, a set of beautiful earrings is a must have jewellery for your look. Here at Chandrani Pearls, we present a distinct range of real pearl earrings that brings you unparalleled attention.
From Stud Pearl Earrings to Hanging Pearl Jhumkas, our collection is not only desirable but also affordable. Shop now at our website to find your unique set of genuine pearl earrings, just for you.

Classic Indian Wedding Jewellery for Brides

For every Indian woman, her wedding is one of the most precious moments of her life. We realise the importance of this day and therefore bring to you an exclusive range of bridal jewellery to make any lady the queen of her occasion.
Our Classic range of Indian wedding jewellery is handmade with natural pearls to her look splendidly gorgeous on her wedding day.